Alisa Gennadievna

The Explorer's Squire


A beautiful young woman, full of vigor and courage. Alisa is smart and quick, relying on her wit rather than sheer force of blade. She wears elegant carved leather armor, accented by beautiful silks acquired throughout her travels to danger regions of the world. A barbarian with an axe is something to fear, but not as much as a cunning person with their mind.

Quick Facts

  • She is incredibly gifted with subjects like history and arithmetic.
  • She doesn’t know who she is.
  • She has saved her mother many times, just as her mother has saved hers.
  • Alisa carries a golden pendant that her mother found alongside her as an infant.

“You can’t even imagine some of the places I have seen.”

As an infant, Alisa was found by Galina Larion in a temple on an island long thought forgotten. For some unknown and still yet unexplained reason, there was a solitary child there. No evidence was found that anybody had ever set foot on the island’s shore for decades. Against [[:bendlin-prokhor | Bendlin’s] pleas, Galina took the child from the island and raised her as her own daughter. When Alisa came of age, they traveled the world together exploring dangerous caves, shipwrecked vessels, destroyed castles, and abandoned tombs.

Alisa has always been known to seem… Distant. When she is alone, it is not uncommon to witness her meditating. She is an incredibly private person, not even letting people glance inside her coin purse. This unsocial wind has kept her from settling in anywhere, which is probably for the best as her and her mother tend to never stay in one place.

She has accepted the search for Raventop because like her adopted mother, she is a true explorer.

Alisa Gennadievna

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