Andra Erlarsdottir

The Runaway Huntress


Andra is a beautiful young woman, who is wonderous with a bow. She’s always found with Bernaard wherever he may be. Her bow is simple yet elegant, matching her strange persona towards the men she meets. To her, skill and wealth aren’t something you earn or gain, it’s something you have or you have not.

Quick Facts

  • She’s aggressive and harsh, using slander and sarcasm to demoralize her enemies.
  • She will not stand for innocent deaths.
  • She has taken down the largest Elk in the history of Grale.
  • Andra has a tattoo upon her face.

“Your end will come as fast as my arrow, I promise you that.”

Andra found her way to Grale by complete chance. She was raised to become a horse trainer on her father’s farm to the West of Grale. However, in the middle of the night she ran away with nothing more than a dagger. She followed the Merchant Road North to Clopan, where she developed her skills as a thief and pickpocket. When she heard of the Merchant Road being moved through Grale, she followed a trade caravan down to it. There, she met Bernaard, and offered her skill of archery to help protect the town from attackers.

She hates being pointed out as a follower, and is always quick on the draw when it comes to combat. Despite this, she isn’t keen on causing harm to innocents.

She has accepted the task of finding Raventop in hopes to prove herself to Bernaard.

Andra Erlarsdottir

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