Askur Harrysson

The Athletic Fisherman


Askur hails from the deep West. He’s a tall, fit man, who prides himself on his skill. He is tall and armed with a spear and half plate armour. He is a strong man, and not much is known about him. He has lived in Grale for years, waking every morning and running laps throughout the town.

Quick Facts

  • He is incredibly fit, and works hard to maintain it.
  • He owes a great debt to someone in power.
  • He has a secret that could destroy his life.
  • He works as a mercenary.

“A man is only as strong as his muscles.”

A fisherman in the west doesn’t use a pole or a net, they use harpoons and spears to capture the largest of creatures. As a young man, Askur worked as a fisherman all along the Western coasts of Athium. When he reached twenty, he suffered a severe injury. Many years later, he found his way to where he is now, serving with Bernaard in defending Grale.

Not much is known about the silent fisherman, other than he made lots of money where he hails from. Even though his armor may not be the strongest, it is definitely one of the most well made suits in the world.

He has accepted the task of finding Raventop for an unknown reason, but it is to be assumed it is because he is in service with Bernaard.

Askur Harrysson

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