Bendlin Prokhor

The Wise Man


Scholars have always found an interesting way in life. They manage to survive not on feats of combat or agility, but however on their own ability to be valuable. People will keep them around and protect them simply for the skills they so hyperactivity process. However, as this may be true, it certainly does not apply to Bendlin. Even though he is old, he still holds the spark of a warrior inside.

He charges into battle alongside his younger counterparts, wielding his morningstar with deadly efficiency. Age has taken some toll on him. Just as he is capable of defending himself if needed, he is just as much if not more capable of talking his way out of combat by use of his charm and simple personality.

Quick Facts

  • Bendlin raised Galina Larion after her family was killed in a fire.
  • He used to serve in the army, rising to the rank of general in pivotal battles against the savages.
  • He is one of the few mens to cross the southern sea and return.
  • He is missing his left eye.

“I can see you in those shadows, boy. That says a lot about your abilities coming from me.”

Bendlin served in the army 30 years ago when they sailed across the southern sea to confront the savages who has long sense fled there. Of the 10,000 men who went, only one small ship of 13 arrived back home to Athium. Alive that is, the ship was lined with others who were either drug onto the ship prior to their sailing for safety or died on the voyage. The ship has been riddled with flaming arrows, it is amazing that it did not catch ablaze and get swallowed by the sea.

However, Bendlin defied the odds and made it back home after his life-long devotion to the army. When he arrived home, he found a quiet job as a record keeper in his hometown. Shortly after, he decided to move on along the Merchant Road. There he met Galina, and they have been traveling together ever since.

He is a man who follows his gut, and prides himself on knowing the right decision to make no matter what the stakes.

Bendlin Prokhor

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