Bernaard Hergeirsson

The Brash Warrior


As far as warriors go, Bernaard his quite standard. He stands tall and confident from the years of fighting he has under his belt. His rough features are set out even more with his equally rough hide armour, mixed with spots of studded leather underneath. His gauntlets are cut on his fingers, showing an old golden wedding band he still wears to this day.

Quick Facts

  • He looks to be in his early thirties, yet it’s hard to be sure.
  • He wants to prove himself.
  • He’s fought off a troop of bandits by himself.
  • He’s a proven warrior, and a definite challenge for even the best of knights.

“How much you wanna bet I can talk that young lass outta her dress?”

The Hergeirsson family has been in Grale for decades, always finding a steady line of work in defending it from it’s few enemies.

Bernaard however, is an apex warrior. He has succeeded, with the help of his brother, in defending the town in it’s worst year. Dozens of bandit parties have tried to plunder the caravans that pass through Grale on the way to the bigger cities, but not one has yet to succeed. This has led to more trade companies sending trade routes through the city, greatly bolstering its economy due to the rush of new residents and people traveling through. Because of this larger responsibility, Bernaard has taken to recruiting some adventurers to stay in Grale and help defend the Merchant Road.

Bernaard is the type of man who enjoys his ale almost as much as the heat of battle, and can commonly be found in the tavern drinking with his mates while his younger brother stands watch outside.

For some reason, Bernaard has always been cruel to his brother, even resentful at times. He commonly tries to prove himself in combat at a risk for his own safety, as well as the safety of those around him.

He has accepted the task of finding Raventop in hopes it will make his name echo throughout history and all throughout Athium.

Bernaard Hergeirsson

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