Caydence Pulling

The Charming Girl


Beauty and lady-like charm are rare things to embody a girl from Grale. Usually, they grow up to be hunters or loyal wives and healers, but not Caydence. She clothes her body with expensive silks and dresses, walking around town with her head above those around her. She manipulates, and deceives to make her way in the world.

Quick Facts

  • Caydence is rude to almost everyone in town, including her own parents.
  • She desires to escape Grale one day and move to a larger city.
  • She has never held a weapon in her life.
  • She lies to everyone to get her way.

“I didn’t know the world could spawn such a horse’s ass like yourself.”

Caydence grew up in the calm riverside village of Grale. Her parents ran the local bakery, so there was never a need for Caydence to learn to hunt or defend herself. She grew up in the ways of a lady, looking down on the common man in Grale.

She wishes greatly to one day get away from the town and make it big in a place like Clopan.

Recently, Camryn Dryden has came to the village, and has been completely swept off his feet by Caydence.

She is going to look for Raventop for the gold, hoping to be able to buy an estate in a beautiful region with it.

Caydence Pulling

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