Christa Paulet

The Adventuring Doctor


Christa is a young woman who is caring and loving. She wears simple leather armor, and uses her skills to heal her allies in battle. It’s no overstatement to say she is attractive, as she is commonly the object of her patients interest.

Quick Facts

  • She isn’t a fighter, commonly trying to talk her way out of danger.
  • Her drive is purely to live life, and not let a moment go to waste.
  • She finds strength in her friends and her allies.
  • Something has been keeping her up at night.

“You can’t fix stupid, but you can try.”

Christa was born in Grale. From a young age, she was always interested in the women who treated traders who were attacked by bandits on the roads. She followed in their footsteps and joined the nursing troop in Clopan, receiving her training and then moving back home. She started up her own medical facility in Grale, hiring on the women of the town, helping the economy of the town.

She is a true adventurer, going wherever the road takes her. She isn’t the type of person to be tied down, but instead finding her own path through the world.

The reason for her venturing to find Raventop is simply for adventure.

Christa Paulet

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