Donatien Aubert

The Prestigious Craftsman


Years of laboring over the forge have made Donatien the man he is today. He is strong and resilient, capable of pulling a blade from the hot coals without serious injury. His skin is dark, and scarred from the dangerous job he has taken up. As for in combat, it is strange that a weaponsmith of such stature resorts to using a simple staff to defend himself.

Quick Facts

  • Donatien has a secret about his past he is afraid of.
  • He commonly has flashbacks to getting abused as a young man.
  • Donatien has provided the weapons to many other adventurers in Grale.
  • Without his influence in the town, Grale not might not be where it is today.

“It takes a simple man to fix things, but it takes a smart man to know how.”

To call Donatien any less than an artist would be an insult. The blades he forges at his smithy in Grale are incredible, considering the funding and material he has. Somehow, he has survived comfortably on the little money he makes providing for the local militia to keep the roads safe and the materials flowing.

Donatien was sold as a young boy to a mine west of Grale. It was here he learned his smithy skills. As the ore was hauled up from below, smiths were reforging it into new pickaxes for the miner. Quickly, Donatien noticed a way to create a solid pick with almost half of the material. He found a place among the forgers and within a few years had earned enough money to buy his freedom. From there, he went back home to find his family long gone. He stumbled to the nearest village and stayed. He noticed the men guarding the town were fighting with axes so worn, it looked as if they were just rocks on sticks. Donatien put his skills to use, and began forging blades for the locals.

Donatien has accepted the task of finding Raventop so he can expand his business across all of Athium.

Donatien Aubert

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