Galina Larion

The Brave Explorer


To be an explorer in this dangerous world requires skill and cunning far superior to the rest. Explorers keep their mind, and body, in top shape, never knowing what obstacles they still face.

Galina is an attractive woman in her mid-thirties. She doesn’t use conventional weapons, but rather an oak quarterstaff which she wields with deadly proficiency.

Quick Facts

  • She doesn’t take threats lightly.
  • She has a hate for bandits and highwaymen.
  • She cries often at night, remembering the horrible sights she has seen.
  • Galina is terrified of fire.

“Nobody knows we’re here, let’s make the most of it.”

As a young girl, she always had a knack for exploration. One day, she went to the nearby river despite her mother’s pleas for her to stay home and help cook dinner. When Galina came back to the house, it was ablaze. A bandit party had set the house on fire and kidnapped her mother, fleeing off along the Merchant Road. Galina set off after them, despite only being 12 years old. Eventually she gave up her pursuit, and was cared after by Bendlin Prokhor like she was his own daughter. Together, they explored all the places long since forgotten.

When Galina was only 15, she found herself and Bendlin on a strange, lost island. There was no evidence of anyone being there, yet strangely there was an infant inside a temple. Despite Bendlin’s effort to leave the child, Galina took the baby with her. She named the child after her own mother, Alisa. Even though she was young, she raised the infant as her own because she knew what life was like without a mother.

She has accepted the challenge of finding Raventop for the adventure.

Galina Larion

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