Hugo Hergeirsson

The Shy Swordsman


The finest young knights stroll along the lines of soldiers on large, impressive warhorses. They are trained from when they are young to fight with honor and respect for their adversaries. There is a divide between them and the common soldiers. So what happens when you strip all of these luxuries away?

When Hugo’s father died in the line of duty, his armor and weapons were passed down to Hugo, not his elder brother Bernaard. Maybe this is the reason Bernaard has despised his brother, or maybe it’s the fact that even though he trained him, Hugo could best best him in combat with ease.

Quick Facts

  • He is over six feet tall, massive with his armour on.
  • Hugo wears his father’s full plate armour from when he served in the King’s Knights.
  • He does not have many friends, or really talk to anyone at all.
  • His father had hoped he would grow up to be a knight.

“What could you possibly know about being unwanted?”

Hugo has been raised from his youth by his older brother, Bernaard. He has always been pushed into his brother’s shadow, despite his role in their success. Now, with the recruitment of more members to defend Grale, Hugo has become nothing more than a glorified bodyguard, standing watch outside of the varied establishments in town.

Even though he doesn’t seek out companionship or even friendship, he is still liked by everyone in Grale for his trustworthiness and loyalty.

It always seems that he is trying to prove himself to everyone around him, that he can be the knight his father wanted him to become. No one doubts that he can — They doubt his brother’s ability to let him.

Hugo has accepted the task of finding Raventop because his brother did, and somehow, he hopes to prove to Bernaard that he is capable of being a knight.

Hugo Hergeirsson

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