Kolbeinn Annai

The Worn Warrior


An old man, standing short yet strong. In his day, he was a soldier in the army, young and stupid to the true meanings of the world. Now, he’s just a man who owns a tavern on the edge of the world. His armor is nothing more than just reinforced clothing, with the addition of a metal neckguard which covers horrendous scars he earned in service.

Quick Facts

  • He is a man of many words, always knowing how to talk his way out of any situation.
  • Although his strength may not be what it once was, his eye for tactics is topped by none.
  • He helped raise Bernaard and Hugo.
  • He owns the tavern in Grale.

“If you’re not as dumb as I was, you’re off to a damn good start.”

Kolbeinn is a wise old soldier. Years ago, he served in the army, finding himself seriously wounded in battle. His friend, by the last name Hergeirsson, dragged him out of danger and tended to his wounds even against orders. This selflessness is what saved Kolbeinn’s life, and he pledged to return to the town the two men lived and help raise Hergerisson’s sons.

When he arrived home more than a year later, he found his peaceful hometown recovering from a terrible bandit attack. He did what little he could to help restore the town by opening a new tavern to raise everyone’s spirits. Within just a few years it became the only tavern in town, a hub for everyone to flock to on dark nights.

Kolbeinn accepted the quest for Raventop because he wants to go on one last great adventure before he gets to old to leave Grale.

Kolbeinn Annai

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