Leon Leblanc

The Proper Bandit


A savage fighter, yet a gentle soul. Leon stands broad and strong for what he believes in. He wields a large battleaxe in one arm and a shield in the other, hailing back to his days as a bandit on the Merchant Road. He dons simple metal half plate armour, as well as a helmet to protect what many would say is his beautiful face.

Quick Facts

  • For such a broad and strong man he’s actually quite average size.
  • He has devoted himself to helping others.
  • Even though he wears black armor, he is terrified of the darkness.
  • He has cheated death before.

“How can you judge others without judging yourself?”

Very quickly, Leon fell into a bad crowd. He was raised by bandits and cutthroats, who would just as quickly sell him as teach him the ways of survival. Leon proved his ability in combat, showing that he was an asset to the men he lived with. Throughout his youth, he traveled along the roads attacking and stealing from merchants and caravans. A few years ago, his group decided to raid the small town of Grale. The attack was an incredible failure. Bernaard, Hugo, and Kolbeinn managed to fight off the bandits. Leon found himself bested by the old soldier Kolbeinn, and with a sword to his throat he was spared. Kolbeinn offered him sanctuary from the law, giving him a job at his Tavern.

Leon worked as a stablehand for Kolbeinn, and soon turned over a new leaf of peace and kindness. He has taken many pilgrimages across Athium to find some of the merchants he had stolen from, in hopes to restore some of what he has taken from them.

Leon has accepted the duty of finding Raventop with his friends in hopes he can use the money from it to repay some of his debts.

Leon Leblanc

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