Lucie Mora

The Honorable Ranger


Lucie is a proud Ranger of the North. He hides himself behind a cloak fashioned specifically for his body and the movements he makes. He travels with his trusty longbow, searching out troublemakers and lawbreakers to bring to justice.

His face is covered with a handsome beard, filling out his otherwise soft features. As far as height, he stands average, tending to sulk away into the background wherever he stands.

Quick Facts

  • He is one of the best Rangers in service.
  • Lucie knows his way around a situation, always striking from the best possible way.
  • Never has he been bested in open combat, at range or in close quarters.
  • He’s missing a finger.

“Careful where you walk, friend.”

Nothing is more deadly than a Ranger on a mission.

It is no secret why Lucie is in Grale. He is stationed in this region due to the bandits in the northern forest. It acts as a refuge for all of the scum this side of the Althin Mountains. More specifically, he is in search of the man who stole a ring from a very powerful person.

It is not a Ranger way to deal with personal qualms from diplomats, but this is more than just that.

Lucie has accepted the task of finding Raventop because he believes the person he is chasing would have fled to there for sanctuary.

Lucie Mora

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