Rolando Sayles

The Silent Shadow


Covered in a grey cloak, shimmering and flickering with the darkness of night, Rolando is an apex predator. He possesses the abilities to sneak up on almost anyone, including wild elk. He takes his time, however little that may be, to fully access and work a way out of any situation. He carries a simple shortsword and dagger, as well as a longbow.

Quick Facts

  • He names his weapons.
  • Rolando fights in the name of his god.
  • He is a quiet, soft-spoken person.
  • He values his own skills highly.

“The difference between an assassin and me is that I stand to face my opposition.”

Rolando is an Ex-Ranger. He is deadly with a bow as well as any weapon he may pick up. He trained for years to become the man he is today. He is quick, smart, and lethal. He is not fully out of the Rangers, he is simply on leave due to an injury he suffered behind enemy lines.

He is accepting the quest for Raventop so he can prove to the order that he is fit to return to duty.

Rolando Sayles

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