A rich man going by the name of Bismarck has called all of the city’s adventurers to action. Holding a large banquet, he stands at the end of the table to address the people who are seated and enjoying their meal.

“Now, you all must be wondering why I’ve traveled all the way here to meet with you,” He started, his voice sophisticated and smart. “There is an ancient city lost in the mountains far to the East.” He looked between all the unique faces seated at the large oak table. Old men, young warriors, cunning thieves. It was surprising that so many people had gathered to hear his proposal.


“I need you, all of you, to head into the mountains and locate it, then report back to me with its detailed location as well as any information on the potential dangers of the trip.”

A grizzled warrior, confident from his years of battle, stood up from the table, laughing. “You’re asking two dozen people to go camping in the damned woods looking for some old stones? That’s gotta be the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard! Let’s go back to the tavern, boys.”

Bismarck payed no attention to the people rising from the table, he just continued scanning the other’s still seated, his face unchanged. “10,000 gold pieces to those who find the lost city of Raventop. 10,000 each.”

A collective gasp and grin spread across those at the table accompanied by a few hushed whispers. The warrior and his party quickly found their seats again, looking up at the man who smiled down at the table. “How much did ya say again?”

The Quest for Raventop

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