Camryn Dryden

The Foolish Boy


There is nothing more volatile than a man in love.

Camryn is a young man of only 17. He is proficient with swords as well as shields due to the expensive training his father enrolled him in as a child. Not only this, he is the type of person to be able to win his battle with words, not only steel.

His father has one day hoped he would join him as a merchant, but Camryn sees himself wearing the shining armor of the King’s Knights, on top of the world.

Quick Facts

  • He knows how to barter extremely effectively.
  • He is madly in love with Caydence Pulling.
  • He has never been in true combat before.
  • He is a terrible archer.

“My love for you shines brighter than all the gold in the world.”

Camryn’s father is a wealthy merchant from Clopan. It is here that he grew up, learning very early on the way to success is through the deceit and life of trading. His father afford Camryn expensive training alongside knightlings, to show him that he is valued highly by his father. He has hoped to win his son over, but instead just pushed his dream to become a knight.

His father was outraged at Camryn’s desire to become a stupid knight, so he took him on a business expedition to the town of Grale. It is here Camryn fell in love with Caydence, pledging his heart to her.

He has accepted the duty of finding Raventop because Caydence wants to leave Grale and explore her life.

Camryn Dryden

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