Evan Moring

The Stout Woodsman


A true woodsman knows how to survive no matter what situation they’re cast into. Evan is large and strong, from years of labor and survival. His skill with an axe is incredible, unmatched by any others who dare wield them. He wears different hides from the many beasts he has overcome in the woods to the North.

Quick Facts

  • He does not rely on others.
  • He is thought crazy by the residents of Grale.
  • He was once a wanted criminal.
  • Once, he fell ill, but was cured by a witch doctor.

“I’m no monster, child. Monsters can live with who they are.”

Evan was orphaned at a very young age. He learned to survive for himself, relying on his skills rather than others. He built a cabin next to the river and made a life for himself. He values independence and freedom, and not being effected by those around him.

He happened to be in town the same time John Bismarck was, and overheard about Raventop. He is going for an unknown reason.

Evan Moring

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