Sir Landon Cantrill

The King's Knight


Sir Landon stands huge in his full plate armor. He rides an incredible warhorse, much larger than any around Grale, even as far as Clopan. His main weapon, a huge greatsword, is strapped to the beast’s saddle. In addition to this, he is proficient with a wide range of weaponry. However, he only carries a crossbow and a sword and shield on his person.

Quick Facts

  • He is a Knight of the King.
  • He is honorable, respected by everyone, even some criminals.
  • He has never broken a promise.
  • His word can be taken as true as the air is needed to live.

“I serve the people, not a tyrant like you.”

Sir Landon Cantrill has served the King’s Knight since youth. He trained at academies and, when he became of age, was recruited into the service. He is honorable and loyal throughout. He has never lied, he has never stolen, he has never harmed an innocent in his 7 years of service. He has taken part in many battles all throughout Athium, be it in the North or the South. He found his next deployment in the area of Grale, where he defends and protects the people of the village from injustice and crime.

He has accepted to venture to find Raventop because if there is a pass through the mountains, unthinkable dangers could lie on the other side.

Sir Landon Cantrill

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