Athium is a large nation made up of 80 different regions. Each region follows its own governmental system, but all together are united under one flag. These regions are connected together by the Merchant Road, which runs throughout Athium. The King’s Knights patrol every region.

Geographically, Athium has developed completely independently from outside sources. To the East are the Althin Mountains, a natural and thought to be uncrossable barrier. The oceans around Athium are fierce and untamed, and have not been successfully crossed by any man.

Athium found its start when one tribe merged together with other neighboring tribes. This created a small nation ran by a King. At it’s start, many outside tribes, fearing that they would be assimilated, tried to attack the new nation. To combat this, the King formed the King’s Guard, an elite troop that could mobilize around the nation to defend it. Slowly over time, more and more tribes willingly joined the nation of Athium. At the same time the kingdom was growing, it found itself creating a new form of government. It was one based on a council of delegates from every tribe. As the nation grew, some tribes were merged together into smaller regions, to cut back on the large number of delegates. The tribes who did not find interest in joining Athium came to four different decisions.

  • Some tribes fled into the Althin Mountains and did not come back out. It is assumed they died due to the harsh conditions.
  • They were defeated in battle against Athium.
  • They fled to sea, being destroyed by the ocean.
  • They fled to an island to the South.

The largest amount of Athium’s enemies went South, landing on a large island which they have successfully defended from Athium’s naval attacks.


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