King's Knights

The King’s Knights are a division of troops which stand under the banner of Athium, acting in its best interest, not the interests of any one man or region. The soldiers who make up the King’s Knights are the elite of the elite. They hail from all throughout Athium.

A King’s Knight is chosen for training at the age of 24. The requirements to enlist in training are as simple as you must have been in training or service from when 16 until 24. The reason 24 is the chosen age of cadets is simple. A knightling who has survived in combat to that age must have the ability and skill to stay alive. Many have disputed this strange rule to recruitment, but it is a tradition that has passed back to the King’s Knights’ founding.

To be a King’s Knight is the highest of honors in the whole nation. A member of the King’s Knight is always shown the most luxurious of services that the whole nation has to offer, although many are too modest to accept these courtesies, instead taking those of the common man. This gives them a respect among the people they serve, and shows that they do not find themselves above others.

There is always a standing reserve of 25 Knights of the King in any region in Athium. Spanning over the 80 regions of Athium, meaning 2,000 Knights of the King patrol through the regions.

In addition to the 2,000 active knights, double that amount are stationed in garrisons throughout the nation. They stand ready at a moments notice to ride in support of their comrades, or to diffuse political squabbles between regions.

The actual duty of a Knight of the King is so incredibly wide and varied.

  • They act as delegates to represent Athium in political situations.
  • They watch the borders of Athium, and are responsible for reporting outside invasions, as well as being the first line of defense.
  • They defuse political tension between regions.
  • They hold the power to arrest and detain.
  • They hold the power to wed individuals.
  • They work with the people for the people, and look at them as equals.
  • They are master combatants, and are expected to keep an impeccable physique.
  • They patrol and defend the people.

One would assume that people with so much power would be commonly corrupt and using their power to push an agenda, however, no King’s Knight has ever acted in such a way. They have managed to maintain a flawless record, being looked at by all as pure and honorable men. Even though this is the case, every three years, the Knights of the King migrate between regions.

Athium found its start when one tribe merged together with other neighboring tribes. This created a small nation ran by a King. At it’s start, many outside tribes, fearing that they would be assimilated, tried to attack the new nation. To combat this, the King formed the King’s Guard, an elite troop that could mobilize around the nation to defend it. Slowly over time, more and more tribes willingly joined the nation of Athium. At the same time the kingdom was growing, it found itself creating a new form of government. It was one based on a council of delegates from every tribe. The King’s Guard has stayed in commision however, as a way to keep the balance and peace between all of Athium.

King's Knights

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