Rangers of the North

The Rangers of the North are an elite force of archers and survivalists who date back to the expansion of Athium.

In fact, the Rangers have been around even before the King’s Knights, and were originally the force who protected the royal family. Over time, they migrated to more of lawmen, searching out dangerous individuals and completing the most dangerous of jobs for their order. They have stopped assassinations, saved the King’s daughter, stopped the destruction of the largest sailing ship in the world, and united regions through deceit and trickery.

They are quiet, and stealthy men capable of the most risky of tasks. Thanks to their specially made cloaks, they seem to fade into the background of any environment. They are known for their incredible marksmanship with the bow, capable of taking down a man before their sword can even be drawn.

This strange, mysterious persona has held them as feared by the people, thought to be almost supernatural to a degree due to their uncanny skills after years of training.

There are only 80 Rangers throughout all of Athium, one for each region.

Rangers of the North

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